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Screenwriting Masterclass

with Michael Boccalini

Hollywood Insights

Audience Engagement

Character Driven

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Learn how Michael is able to continually write films and television for the global market.
Learn how to bring the audience with you in the writing process.
Learn the key to character-driven narrative.

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Never Face a Blank Page Again

You want to sell your story, right? And you’re willing to do the work to get there? Then you need tools. Practical tools. Tools that will transform your understanding of your story and ensure you get the most from your characters.
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Learn how to emotionally structure your characters and plot.

6+ Hour of Video Content

Money Back Guarantee

This webinar has a 365 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

You have lifetime access to this course. Learn on your own time.

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

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Born in Italy, raised in France and Norway, while spending his early adulthood in London and Los Angeles, Michael has learned 5 languages and the value of multiculturalism.


The Scandinavian dry humour shines through any script that he writes, while his Italian passion can be seen on set while he's connecting and working with his actors. With a dream of connecting cultures together, film has always been his mode of communicating. Wether it's through a commercial for an international brand or for an independent film.


With almost 10 years of experience in commercials, Michael has written, directed and produced content for companies like BAFTA, EA Sports, 02, Mozilla Firefox, Marriott Hotels and many more. He has written for Jon Cryer (Discount Sushi), John Cleese, Jonas Grimas (BAFTA winning director) and Angie LeMar (BBC comedian). He's currently writing comedy content for NBC Universal in the US and Comedy Crowd in London.


As a writer-director he has created the feature film Love Possibly, which was has been selected to and won over 60 awards worldwide (including Raindance and Catalina to name a few). The film got a distribution deal through Gravitas and can be found on Amazon Prime, Paramount + and several other platforms..


Writing can be a solitary experience. And knowing what you’re supposed to do is sometimes not enough. Being able to ask questions, exchange ideas and work directly with Michael in a roomful of writers facing the same issues we all do can be the catalyst to taking your writing to the next level.

Using scripts like La La Land, Dallas Buyers Club, and Imitation Game, Michael will demonstrate the great screenwriting in action. As the course unfolds, you will discover how to get to the heart of your story and visually map the rise and fall of your character’s emotional journey toward a satisfying ending, every time.

  • 8 Magic Questions you must answer before you begin

  • Identifying tangible signposts to create definitive narrative structure

  • Why a character-driven story is key to successful scripts

  • Understanding the all-important role of the audience in your writing process

  • Ability to identify major themes when charting your character’s journey

  • How and why a story moves an audience

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